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NP’s Hired, LLC was established to provide quality medical consultations, treatment and management of acute and chronic diseases to businesses, individuals, and communities. All services are provided by Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioners who have acquired the educational requirements and training to assess, diagnose, and treat various health conditions.
With a predicted shortage of primary care as the population grows and as millions of Americans become newly insured starting in 2014, nurse practitioners will lead as the Primary Care Provider of choice to millions of people.  Nurse Practitioners are providing high-quality, cost-effective, and patient centered care from rural health clinics, to Nurse Practitioner owned family clinics, to Top Research and Cancer Centers across the United States.  With An aging population, significant health disparities, and the high prevalence of some of the most costly and chronic diseases such as diabetes, having access to primary care is absolutely essential. Nurse Practitioners have bridged that gap for the last 44years.  

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