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BRIDGE TO HEALTHCARE www.bridgetohealthnow.org is a culmination of the work that has been done for over 15 years, by Ms. Janie Charlot, Licensed Family Nurse Practitioner, podcast host, author, and a mother. She is the founder of NP’s Hired Health & Weight Management Clinic & Matters of the Heart & Soul Podcast. She is a lecturer, transformational coach, and author of several publications including her most recent book: 7 Steps To Mastering Emotions. It was Ms. Charlot’s internal inclination to serve others and help people of all backgrounds find ways to handle their most important health needs that led her to find a way to “bridge this gap” to healthcare; concentrating on the socioeconomical and knowledge-based obstacles that prevent them from being optimally well! Bridge To Healthcare is a 501c3 nonprofit Georgia based, U.S. organization whose mission is to provide a host of programs, services and activities in the areas of mental, physical, spiritual, and relational health. We seek to bridge the gap between positive health resources and those who have not had access to them. It is our mission to be that bridge that the larger community needs to stay in health equilibrium and live healthy quality lives! All Donations are greatly appreciated! To donate to Bridge To Healthcare Click:  DONATE TO BRIDGE TO HEALTHCARE
MATTERS OF THE HEART & SOUL PODCAST  LISTEN NOW TO MATTERS OF THE HEART & SOUL PODCAST is how we have been called to give back to the community and to serve humanity! Matters of the Heart & Soul is a Podcast to raise awareness and awaken humanity to all that is already within! It is inspired by Love, God, Relationships, Humanity, Spirituality, Justice, Culture, Family, Children, Finances, Freedom, Personal Growth, Energy & Vibrations, Universal Principles, Health, Wellness, Education, Masculine & Feminine Balance, Music…. and ALL THINGS of the heart and soul. We Want to be a beacon of light on your life journey! We are graciously thankful and appreciative of your donations that will help with podcasting equipment, media time, Marketing, staff, research, community programs, guests, and so much more! We Thank you So much for your support!! Just click the donate Button Below To Donate To Matters of The Heart & Soul Podcast! All amounts are welcomed!