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Price/Purchase Programs

Weight Loss Price List

* Weight Loss Consultation $50.00

* All Weight Loss Programs require a consultation. If a program is purchased, the consultation fee will be applied to some programs.

* Monthly Nutrition/Health/Lifestyle Coaching Membership $45 (6 month minimal membership)

* Prescription Appetite Suppressant Initial $185 (Consultation, Labs, EKG)

* Prescription Appetite Suppressant (Refill) $75.00

* HCG 26day Injections $475

* HCG 43day Injections $675

* B12 (1 injection) $25

* B12 (4 injections) $85

* B12 Lipo (1 injection) $35

* B12 Lipo (4 Injections) $125

*Join The Movement Virtual Fitness Classes $20 weekly/$40 monthly

*Male Testosterone Replacement Therapy / $165(Initial Consultation, Labs, Injection) /$35 per Injection

*Prepared Meals (Meal Prep) available for purchase(Customized) to help with adherence to Goals/Plans

Weight Loss Telephone/Video Consultation:

1. Email nphired@gmail.com with “Weight Loss Consult” in Subject line. Provide Name, Date of Birth, & email address.
2. Required Forms will be emailed to you.
3. Fill out Required Forms and email back to nphired@gmail.com or fax back to 888.700.9062.
4. A Date and Time will be set for Telephone/Facetime/Video Consultation.
5. 50$ Consultation Fee Due at time of Telephone/Facetime/Video Meeting (Further Directions will be provided in email).

Healthcare Services Price List

*All healthcare services are provided on a cash pay basis. All Services are already discounted by 70%. Payment must be made at time that services are rendered. Office Visit $90. Additional Cost may apply for testing. Price Sheet available upon request.